Kids 3-11-10

Wow – it has been a LONG time since I’ve written about the kids. They have all been growing up so fast and we’ve had so much change over the last 9 months since I posted about them! Some of the highlights:

Erica has changed schools and is now attending a Highly Gifted classroom composed of 14 first and second graders. It’s quite a drive, but it has made such a difference in her attitude toward school and is worth the extra time and money it takes to get her there and back every day. She is currently studying Ancient Egypt and working on a project due at the end of the month. She is taking piano lessons and is very excited to pass off her last four songs in her primer book next week. She is 7 now (WOW!) and still reading everything she can get her hands on.

Isaac is preparing to start Kindergarten in the fall. He is still enjoying Preschool and has started reading quite a bit (not fluently yet but he’s getting pretty close). He loves to draw cars and play with cars and talk about cars and read about cars… They appear to be his favorite thing in the whole world! His birthday list consists of cars, cars, and more cars. He’s excited to be turning 5 in May and anxious to go to his new school in the fall. He is looking forward to playing T-ball in the spring.

Cambria is growing up just as fast as she can manage. She loves to write her name and draw cars (so she can be like her brother). She is constantly making “bookmarks” for Daddy with her name and a car with fire coming out of the back (Isaac draws fire coming out of the exhaust pipes so Cambria is certain all cars must have fire coming out the back). She will also occasionally draw pictures of herself and Daddy. Lucky for me, she draws Daddy’s beard so I can tell which one is her and which one is him! She loves to help and always wants to help me with the laundry and making dinner. She loves to read books and play with her farm animals (we often go to her room to play “barn”). She is enjoying being in Primary now (Sunbeams) and is excited for her first Primary activity next weekend.

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