Laughter, about Medicine

There are some things in life about which you must choose either to laugh or cry. Either option is fitting, and the choice must depend on how the release will make you feel. There is merit to both responses, and certainly we have been given the ability to laugh and cry for very important reasons.

And so, when my girls we diagnosed with strep throat a week ago, and I added three more bottles of medicine to our (rather large) home pharmacy of daily medications, the decision confronted me: do I cry as I look at this huge pile of medications or do I laugh it off?

I chose to laugh. So I had to share. I honestly can’t believe my family of 5, aged 5, 6, 8, 30, and 34, seriously need THIS MUCH medicine. Two are mine, and two are Kimball’s. The rest belongs to the kids. It is what it is.

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