The last week

So much has happened! And in such a short amount of time, too.

Last Sunday, Kimball went under the knife for an emergency appendectomy. Thank goodness he made it through, and thank the high heavens for all the help and support we received from friends and family last week! Many meals and calls and child-watching by friends and family made the days surrounding the surgery go as smoothly as they could. He is recovering (slower than he likes, but recovering just the same) and life seems to be settling back into normal.

The levy passed in Boise, which means my kids’ school programs are NOT going to be cut. A guarantee that one of them (the most urgent) will remain in the program, and a high likelihood that the other will remain in as well. Finally allowed to apply for enrollment for my youngest, and waiting to hear back about whether or not that application will be accepted. Hoping to find a principal willing to work with us on her situation, but that remains to be seen. Just the idea of getting her in to the system is a big relief. Certainly not enough to allay all my fears, but it is something.

And then yesterday, the most encouraging news thus far. Took Erica in for her intake appointment with the tester doing her neuro-psych testing in a few weeks. A definite NO to autism/Asperger’s (which was a relief) and an inclination toward some improper brain connections formed as an infant relative to her ability to accept soothing, self-soothe, and generally regulate herself and her emotions. No solid answers at this point, but certainly some hopeful inklings into what is going on in this child’s brain. We will go through with the testing and see what we can learn, and what this doctor can recommend to help. She did mention that there is some crossover in symptoms which could lead people to suggest Asperger’s, but calmed our fears by ruling it out and proposing to rule IN something entirely different but so much more believable.

And amid all of this, we continue to function. Days turn into weeks, and the time passes. The kids are growing up, and I’m getting old (slowly but surely). Sleep comes fitfully, but at least it comes. There is hope that we won’t have to go through with behavior modifying medication for Erica. My medication change seems to be sufficient for now. There are a few hopeful things on the horizon; reasons not to give up. In spite of the difficulties, many of which are never enumerated here, life continues to roll on.

I’m thankful for the help and concern I’ve been shown, especially this past week. It keeps me going. Gives me hope in humanity that is so vital to my emotional well-being. Reminds me that, even though there are dark days, the sun does occasionally come out. I need that reminder, and I need the hope.

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3 Responses to The last week

  1. Tara Belisle says:

    :0) thanks for the update :0) it put a smile on my face this morning to know that my friend is doing a bit better and has another ray of hope. You are always in my prayers :0)

  2. Lori Larsen says:

    Putting all your names on the prayer roll again today. I love you.

  3. Annette says:

    Glad you were able to rule out one of your worries. Praying you’ll get some solid answers in a few weeks. Call me any time you need a breather.

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