Professional Experience

When I was younger and people would ask me what my father did for a living, my standard response involved words like "thermal heat fluid transfer dynamics".  See, dad was a Chemical Engineer who worked for Monsanto (later Solutia, a spin-off).  He developed ways to produce new chemicals that behaved certain ways under certain conditions (at least, that's about all I understood about what he did...)  The following are some items collected from his professional career.

-- Kimball Larsen


Alvin H. Larsen
 Solutia Inc., St. Louis, MO

The Design Institute for Physical Properties (DIPPR®) of the American  Institute of Chemical Engineers has become the premier cooperative physical property data effort in the United States to satisfy process engineering needs.  Celebrating its twentieth anniversary in November 1998, DIPPR® has been active longer than any other  Sponsored Research group of AIChE. The background and formation of DIPPR® are described,  highlighting the people…

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