My name is Christine. I am “Mom” to three wonderful, challenging, beautiful children. I am “Wife” to a wonderful, amazing man. I am in my mid 30s and have only recently become aware of myself as a worthwhile human being.

My life is much like yours, I would imagine. Full of joy, sorrow, pain, pleasure, trials, and blessings. Here you will find glimpses into my life, the good and the bad. You will find (sometimes brutal) honesty and (often strong) emotion in my posts. I hope, most of all, that you will find courage and understanding. I believe my trials are given not only for my benefit but also so I can be a comfort to others, as a few choice people have been to me.

I started this blog years ago as a way to share my life with others. It started out happy and cheerful, but you’ll notice about December of 2011 the tone changed drastically. It was then in my life that I decided it was time to stop putting on my happy face day after day and start to acknowledge that life sometimes really sucks. And that’s ok. Sometimes, life is too much. I have grown tired of pretending, tired of putting on my “church face”, and tired of trying to appear to have it all together. I needed a place to be real; a place where I could say how I really felt.

So if you’re looking for a place where you can read about reality, a place where emotions can run high, but also a place where you can find comfort and peace, I hope you will find it here. If I can bless even one person by sharing my honest life experiences, that will be enough reason to keep doing what I’m doing.

Life is rough. But it is also worth every ounce of effort and emotion you pour into it.

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