Brownie Candy Cane Pops

My dad’s family always has a Christmas party and I am pretty sure I’m always on dessert patrol for the party (which is fine with me – I’m best at desserts and bread anyway!). This year, in addition to my traditional Oreo cookies, I tried a new dessert – Brownie Candy Cane Pops. The stick is a candy cane, while the “pop” is a brownie, covered in almond bark and then rolled in crushed candy canes.

candy cane candies

Since I’m not a fan of mint, I didn’t actually try these (which is fine – I had way too much other junk anyway) but I heard they turned out ok. Nobody was dying to eat them, though, so I probably won’t make them again. They were WAY more work than they were worth, especially for something I don’t really like all that much.

candy cane candies2

Next year I’ll stick with the Oreos. 🙂

Candy Cane Brownie Lollipops


1 pkg (18-21 oz) fudge brownie mix (plus ingredients to make brownies)

24 candy canes

10 oz chocolate-flavored almond bark

Additional decorations such as red jimmies (optional)


    1. Line Medium Sheet Pan (or 9-in. by 13-in. metal pan) with a 13-in. piece of Parchment Paper; lightly spray with
    nonstick cooking spray and set aside. Prepare brownie mix according to package directions; pour batter into pan.
    Bake 30 minutes or until wooden pick inserted in center comes out with moist crumbs attached. Remove from
    oven to
    Stackable Cooling Rack; cool 20 minutes or until still slightly warm.
    2. Meanwhile, cut straight ends of candy canes off to form 4½-in. sticks using
    Utility Knife. Place candy cane tops
    into resealable plastic bag and crush using flat side of
    Meat Tenderizer; set aside.
    3. Using
    Medium Scoop, scoop brownie into 24 rounded scoops, packing brownie into scoop using hands.
    (Entire brownie will be used.) Roll brownie scoops into smooth balls. Insert candy cane sticks into centers of
    balls, mounding brownie around each stick to secure. Pinch each brownie ball where candy cane and
    top of ball meet.
    4. Place almond bark into
    Small Batter Bowl; microwave according to package directions until smooth. Spoon
    melted bark evenly over each brownie ball, turning to coat completely. Be sure to coat where candy cane stick
    meets brownie ball. Allow excess bark to drip off. Dip into reserved crushed candy canes or jimmies and stand
    upright on a piece of Parchment Paper. Repeat with remaining almond bark, lollipops and crushed candy. Let
    stand until set. Place into miniature cupcake liners.

    Yield: 24 servings

    Cook’s Tips: Although the edges of the brownies are crusty, they don’t need to be discarded. Simply scoop the edges
    along with the center, and they’ll soften as they stand. If desired, lollipop sticks or stick candies can be substituted for the candy canes.
    Wrap lollipops in cellophane, tie with ribbon and use as table décor, place cards or take-home goodies for a special
    holiday touch.

    The Pampered Chef® Festive Holiday Desserts Recipe Collection.
    ©The Pampered Chef, Ltd., 2008

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