Snowman Cake

Today is Cambria’s birthday, and in her honor I made a snowman cake. This was inspired by the recipe from The Pampered Chef for a snowman cake made using the classic batter bowl, the small batter bowl, and a prep bowl. I, however, didn’t want to make such a huge cake (since I’m already making about a zillion other sweets for December and Christmas) so instead, I used about half the cake batter (from a box – come on, I’m busy) and made it with the small batter bowl (1 1/2 cups batter) and two prep bowls (1/2 cup batter and 1/4 cup batter). This left me with enough batter to also make 11 cupcakes, which I took to the school for a PTA function. Worked out well.


I’m pleased with the snowman – he’s got licorice for his mouth, nose, and scarf; chocolate chips for eyes; junior mints for buttons; candles for arms (she’s 2 so it worked out perfectly); and half an oreo and a marshmallow, dipped in chocolate flavored almond bark for his hat. It turned out very nicely, and Erica was kind enough to make a little sign that says Happy Birthday.


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