Tex-Mex Burger Quesadillas

Well, I did finally get around to trying out the flour tortilla recipe I was hoping to make. I think the tortillas taste great, though they are a bit small (6" round or so) and, as has been my finding thus far with all the flour tortilla recipes I’ve tried, a little hard to roll out. If I try to roll them out thinner so they are bigger (what I’m going for here is 8 or 9 inch round), they end up folding on themselves when I put them in the pan, and then all is lost! As soon as they hit the cast iron they start cooking, so you have a tortilla that looks more like a handkerchief that somebody dropped on the ground than something you would use to wrap up your taco meat. They still taste great, but look a little stupid. What I really need is someone who is actually experienced at this to show me how to make them! Or to quit trying to make them thin and just have really huge but FAT tortillas. I guess that’s a toss-up.

At any rate, here’s what they looked like. I made Tex-Mex Burger Quesadillas out of them, and they turned out fairly decent. In the first picture, you can see the one on the top right was a little over-done. That was the first one, and I realized quickly that my pan was WAY too hot. Turned it down in a hurry and the rest came out much lighter.

Everybody liked them and Kimball was especially pleased with the tortilla shells. He didn’t know they were home-made until I told him. 🙂



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