My (Edible) Garden

A few years ago I received a book from my parents called Hello, Cupcake! One of the recipes is for a cupcake garden, which I decided to make when I was asked to bring cupcakes to an Enrichment meeting this month. They turned out SUPER SUPER cute, and I got lots and lots of compliments. As I’m not much of a cake person, I didn’t try them, but they were completely gone by the end of the night. What a hit! So thanks, Mom and Dad, for the book. And thanks, Kimball, for taking the pictures and for your help with the veggies. This is my garden for the year. Beautiful rows, no weeds, and perfect vegetables. Best of all, no sunburn and no sore fingers and knees!

Now lest you think I’m some whiz at this: be warned that it did take me 5 hours, start to finish, to make this little garden. It’s super cute, but also super time consuming! (I suppose being a perfectionist probably added a bit to the length of the project…) Fun nonetheless!

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2 Responses to My (Edible) Garden

  1. Jenni says:

    These turned out so cute Christy! Great job! I love them, they look just like they do in the book. This is me, being impressed with your candy sculpting abilities, but then again, you always were a great artist.

  2. Cindy says:

    Love it! My girls and I made these this spring for a little garden tea party! Though I cheated and printed the garden signs from my computer…the cookies are way cuter, but I lack the patience ;o I love the Hello Cupcake books! We also made the little Panda cupcakes from one of the books, which turned out incredibly cute!

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